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when art practice = spiritual practice

My computer desktop, e-mail inbox and studio have never been emptier. Since submitting my thesis, having the exhibition and doing my artist's talk there is nothing driving me. I don't start back at my 'job' (paid work) for another couple of weeks so I've been telling myself to relax, do nothing, have a rest. Truth is I have little motivation or energy anyway. 
I have been throwing myself in the ocean to surf each morning and lying around watching old movies in the afternoon. Occasionally I wander aimlessly in my now sparsely furnished studio after reorganising it when the big paintings were loaded on the truck for Perth. I still don't know what I am going to do with them when they come back - I like my new spacious studio the way it is.
It's all very well taking a break from 'work', except for me my 'art practice' is also my 'spiritual practice'. It has been this way for a very long time - no wonder I am feeling a little bereft.

exhibition images

If anyone is interested I have just put all of the images exhibited for my PhD at John Curtin Gallery in November 2013 on my website. I actuallly did some work in the studio yesterday and have been indulging myself in some digital drawing.
This is a screen shot of a work in progress - my digital drawing (on right) from the reference photograph on the left (courtesy of G. Robertson, Antarctica Division) It might be in the PIAF exhibition in Albany in 2014, but I haven't settled on an idea yet.

I am just loving the digital drawing.

a hard act to follow