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end of semester

End of first semester. This was my final submission for drawing. A3, hand-drawn in mixed media. Still loving it - Can't wait to start Photography and Design units in 2015.

team australia: men in suits

There are 2 ‘teams’ in the spotlight fighting it out on Planet earth – both patriarchal, sexist and taking the high moral ground. Team 1 is defending the ridiculous idea that every individual should have ‘freedom’ of choice and the right to live the life they want. (Just think about this you fools – not everyone can have what they want because it impinges on someone else’s rights) Team 2 - well who the fuck knows what they are really about. Their orientation to life is mediaeval – tribal. They despise the ‘feminine’ even more than Team 1 – at least Team 1 pays lip service to the notion of equality and lets women play along, as long as they don’t have any real power. Then they are out of the team.
Neither team will win - there are not going to be any winners.
These teams have more in common than they will ever realise - both want to be in control. They aren’t, they can’t be and never will be, but they will fight to the death. Each has an image of themselves as defenders of ‘truth’ - ‘b…