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planet earth

Another year over - so much to say yet so little. It has been a year of triumphs and turmoil: one obvious highlight was my PhD graduation, shortly after which I began a new challenge in graphic design. It has also been a year of significant deaths - my step-father for one (who I really miss). And there seems to be a lot of cancer around.
In the larger world we landslided in the worst regressive government ever to have been elected in this country. An act of 'terrorism' signalled the end of apathetic innocence for an increasingly nervous Aussie culture. Government cutbacks, the end of the mining boom, job losses, thousands fleeing persecution and misery - all are encroaching on our 'isolated' island. Being Australian is no longer the sanctuary it was.
Current conversations with friends revolve around how best to stay grounded, calm and functioning within the increasing chaos. It does seem as though more and more people are losing the plot - domestic violence, murder/su…

here's an idea - let's legislate against death

This is what Parks and Wildlife are going to build at the Gap - I am almost speechless and beyond pissed off. To add insult to injury, the public have also been requesting that toilets be built out there. 
I don't blame P & W, or the City Council. I don't blame the engineer - it's actually a really good looking design. I do blame litigation and public liability laws. But above all, I blame humanity's inability to come to grips with a psychological archetype that, in my not so humble opinion, underpins every single problem on Planet earth - the Fear of Death.
I have blogged about death many times, so I am not going over old ground, except to say that this has to be one of the ugliest demonstrations of humanity's denial of its mortality. The recent outpouring of grief over a 23 year old cricketer who just shouldn't have died confirms it - how dare death take him when he was so young and good at his sport.
This platform is another ridiculous and futile attemp…