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halftones & watercolour

Watercolour effects using filters, layers and blending modes (thanks Chris Spooner) Quick halftone pop portrait.

more rough stuff in AI

rough pop portraits

growing old disgracefully

Still flat out. Juggling on-line study, lecturing duties and fitting in a surf at every opportunity. Who'd have thought this time, after 8 years of relentless effort to finish my PhD, would end up being yet another intense learning period. I have been catapulted into a world of saturated colour, typography, digital software and a whole new way of looking at the world. For someone of my vintage this has to be a good thing, right - if learning fends off altzheimer's then things are looking good for me in my dotage. I don't expect any sympathy - it's clearly my own fault - my decision. But I have to defend myself - I am now of an age considered by many to be 'too old', 'dispensible' and probably even 'surplus to requirements' in a clamouring workforce. But dammit, my motto is: 'evolve or die' and I'm not  ready to give up just yet. It's a matter of necessity as much as anything - the retirement age is a goal post that keeps getting …