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vale Joan Campbell

In the early hours of this morning my Wise Old Rosicrucian Friend, artist and spiritual mentor Joan May Cambell died. I am so sad - not for her, for myself - Joan was 85 and lived a rich and fruitful life. She became ill a few months ago and her passing was testament to the way she lived that life. Like her husband and fellow Rosicrucian Allan Campbell, she left without a fuss, as nature intended – the body had had enough and she went quietly. I spoke to her recently about how she had worn out her old body and needed a new one:
I’m sure I will be back - there is much work to do and this is where the work is.
I know I’ll see you again Joan - I will keep an eye out.
Yes, we recognised each other this time around didn’t we?
Yes, we did.
I saw Joan in the hospice 3 days before she died. She was drugged up and a bit vague, but still very keen to join in the conversation – about art of course. When I left I knew it was the last time I would see her – in this life anyway. I had a hell of a nigh…