Friday, 19 January 2018

a fish tale

I love a good joke but I don't tell them - I'm always too nervous about stuffing up the punch line. But I heard this one years ago and wrote it down - it's one of my favourites.

There were two prawns called Justin and Christian. They were just living their lives as prawns do but they were getting pretty tired of being at the bottom of the food chain, especially Justin who was slightly more ambitious than his mate Christian, so one day he saw Cod and said to him:

‘Cod, I am really fed up with being chased by bigger fish all day who just want to eat me. Is there anything you can do to help?'

Cod said 'Well as a matter of fact I have magical powers and I can turn you into a shark if you would like that’. Justin said ‘Wow that would be great, thanks’ and Cod turned him into a huge shark.

So, Justin went about his business enjoying being a shark and terrorising smaller creatures. He was having such a good time that he didn't notice he hadn’t seen his mate Christian for a while. He went to find him at a favourite spot where they used to hang out together but when he got there, Christian took one look at him and fled. Justin suddenly realised his best mate was terrified of him because he was now a shark. He couldn’t let that happen so he went to find Cod to ask him if he could turn him back into a prawn. Cod obliged and Justin went off happily to find his mate.

Justin couldn’t see Christian so as he neared the spot where they used to hang out, he called out to his mate ‘Hey, its me….where are you?’ but Christian, on hearing his voice swam away and hid under a rock. Justin went after him and yelled out:

‘Hey, it’s OK, I am a prawn again Christian, I found Cod!!!’

image: author, ballpoint pen drawing of a dream

Thursday, 11 January 2018


This is a true story - at least it is my interpretation of events. It happened 20 years ago. I just rediscovered it in my personal writing folder so thought I would share it. I didn't share it 20 years ago because it was too raw and I was worried someone would recognise the characters. I figure this much distance should make it ok to share now. At first I wasn't even sure I had written it, but although it took me a while to remember the people and the context, the images came flooding back.

Blue eyes, blonde, body of Adonis. He is beautiful to look at, but I know what he is the moment I see him. Wife, blonde. Both obsessed with appearances, body image, into weights. I visit the house once. Suburbia, asbestos fence, the salmon brick I despise so much. It is cold, alien. Everything that should be in a home is there but nothing belongs. The couch, the dining table, a barbeque area out the back, complete with corrugated plastic for when it rains. I am left with her. She is allowed to talk to me because I am female, no threat. I don’t know what to say to her, there is no-one there, nothing I can hang onto, a bland shell. I am distressed just being there.

She has a five-year-old son. It isn't his. The boy has a mother and he doesn’t so he quietly hates it. He controls every aspect of this child’s being with a vicious measured oppressiveness. The child is terrified of him. 

They have some business to attend to, I am left to amuse myself for a while, told I can read the magazines. They are about body-building, there are so many of them, nothing else to read, a large stack. I try to look at them, just to fill in time. They alienate me further. 

Some time later she goes missing, at the Gap. There is some story that they had been fishing and she lost her footing. He has all the stage props there to convince the police, fishing gear, clothing, torches? They went early, it was still dark and that is why she lost her footing. There is a search of the Gap, the back yard of the house. There is an enquiry. A body is never found. He gets away with it.

Local myth says she had decided to leave him. No one really believed she ever went to the Gap that day, that instead she is buried under the grey cement patio slabs in the back yard. I imagine her there, being walked on every day. At last he has her where he wants her, controlling and punishing the mother who abandoned him at birth.

Three years later Richard committed suicide, which in my mind confirmed his guilt and sent him off to pergatory. I remember being relieved to discover a conscience, to find that he was not a complete monster. But later it occurred to me that maybe he hadn't done it. Maybe the fact that many people like me were convinced he had was simply too much to bear - which is also why I have waited years to post this. 

Maybe nobody will never know what really happened. The only people that did are gone.

UPDATE 12 January

It seems I am not the only one still troubled by Peta's disappearance. I did some Googling and found a 2017 article by the West Australian newspaper entitled Cold Case Squad Probe Disappearance. I didn't know when I did this post that it was only this year that the police reopened the case and openly state now that it may well have been a homicide.

I also found a discussion thread on a site called Missing and Murdered. Below are some screen shots from that site.


There is more here on Reddit.

Image taken from The West Australian's 2017 article

Thursday, 21 December 2017

roll on summer

After a southerly buster glitch last week it looks like summer is definitely here. I'm loving the prospect of 7 weeks off work - even if it means no income. Summer holidays allow me to catch up on my own stuff and freebie work so I've been busy designing a menu board for the local surf club. 
I'm pretty happy with the result and I think the club is too. The local signwriter has printed it and it should be up for the crazy Xmas to New Year week.

I've also been redesigning their rather outdated logo (below)....

....but may have trouble getting this modernised version (below) past the committee!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

st francis 1

This is my contemporary 'retro-60s' interpretation of St Francis as a boy. It is still a work-in-progress of course. It may be one of the works for sale at a St Francis 'blessing of the animals' ceremony and fete that will coincide with the Art Trail in 2018 at Kent River Studio.

Friday, 8 December 2017