Friday, 9 October 2015

comet girl

I am revisiting some of my old oil paintings and turning them into digital images. I never finished this one in its original state but had done most of the figure. I am now using it as a reference for this new work.

It is an adaptation of a dream I had fairly recently, so it is 'autobiographical' (although I have taken a fair bit of artistic licence).

Digital painting suits me so much better than traditional media. It is still time consuming but less frustrating because I can change things more easily if they don't work. Also, because I construct an image in layers, I can move things around for better composition, like the comets for example - or create an entirely new background for the figure. 

I think I was born too early because this technology wasn't around for most of my life. I didn't touch a computer until I was 41. Better late than never I guess - at least I have had the opportunity to learn to paint with digital media.