Monday, 8 February 2016

monkey year

Thank God it's the Year of the Monkey - I think that's good anyway. The Year of the Sheep was really hard - for a lot of people it seems. 2015 didn't go quietly though - last week I finally succumbed to the enormous stress I have been under for months, possibly years, and developed a stomach ulcer. It's been the worst summer surfing since I started 'cutting sick' (that's a joke) 14 years ago. The surf was shit so it probably didn't matter that I injured my back last week as well. I've been impatiently waiting for my fortunes to turn and today they have. For now at least.

Last Monday I was notified by the design school I am studying with that I won a competition. We were asked to submit 5 works and I sent in my hand/digital illustrations. The best 3 were chosen by industry mentors (I think) and then whoever got the most 'Likes' won the headphones. I assumed the field must have been small but apparently not. Turns out this old girl swept the field of young guns. I'm stoked and feel somewhat vindicated - not that others thought I needed to be. Just feeling may age sometimes. 

So I've been nursing a sore gut, a bad back and a serious case of feeling sorry for myself while sitting on this news since last Monday - waiting for Tractor to announce the winner officially and the Chinese new year to start. Things seem to get stuck in a time-warp between the Western (solar) and Eastern (lunar) new years. This year they were more stuck than usual.

Today I rearranged my study so I am actually doing a part-time load. I was supposed to be doing that since I started in 2014 but things got moved around and I ended up having to do units in 8 week periods which was just too difficult. My sore gut is thanking me already. 

Today I took Robin's 7' 6" Firewire around the bay and got some sick waves - one vertical head high takeoff. The water was green and cool in the 39 degree heat and there were only a couple of surfers where I was.

Let's hope this Monkey year continues to be kind.