Saturday, 2 January 2016


2016 - another year. They roll around so quickly now. 2015 was a mixed bag - lots of triumphs and some tragedies. It's been a long and exhausting year - lots of work, too many changes and little security. I am glad to see the back of it and I get the impression many others are too. Maybe we are all picking up on the same restless zeitgeist.

I'm at a bit of a cross-roads - between many things, in limbo. I want to take a step forward but I don't have too many options - well none that are practical anyway. It's been a struggle to keep my job and part of me wonders how much longer I should keep trying. My graphic design course has yielded some great results, but I regularly ask myself whether it is worth persevering. Moving into commercialism seems about 20 years too late. 

Another year and another business name - I think that's the fourth in as many years. Art_Geek wasn't doing it for me, so I've registered Qwerk Designs - because I'm quirky, the letters are unusual, the numerology works and it will look good on a T-shirt. It's a branding thing - I figure my best selling point, or 'point of difference' as it's known in the industry, is my 'rugged individuality' (as one person expressed it). I really wanted to use 'Munted Doll Designs' but I doubted many people would get  it - my ironic sense of humour is too obscure for most of them.

My real fantasy is to get some work as an illustrator.  I wouldn't expect to make a living from it but it would be wonderful to do some editorial illustrations, or drawings for a small book. It's probably just a pipe-dream but I'll keep moving in that direction.

Illustration: detail of a work in progress for 'Square' - a 2016 group exhibition for the Great Southern Festival (part of PIAF)