Friday, 10 May 2013

celebrating 'symptoms'

'Because symptoms lead to soul, the cure of symptoms may also cure away soul, get rid of just what is beginning to show, at first tortured and crying for help, comfort, and love, but which is the soul in the neurosis trying to make itself heard, trying to impress the stupid and stubborn mind - the impotent mule which insists on going its unchanging obstinate way. The right reaction to a symptom may as well be a welcoming rather than laments and demands for remedies, for the symptom is the first herald of an awakening psyche which will not tolerate any more abuse......To get rid of the symptom means to get rid of the chance to gain what may one day be of greatest value....' (18)

Hillman,  J 1989, A Blue Fire
image: original drawing by blog author, 199?, Unhappy Judas, inspired by the original Brendan Vogage - the Navigatio, an ocean voyage undertaken in a leather boat by the mediaeval Irish monk, St Brendan 

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