Saturday, 16 November 2013

SoDA 2013 John Curtin Galley



  1. That's a great little vid. All at sea ...
    I was having a chat to Andrew's uncle (I think) on Friday night. He just raved about your paintings. I would loved to have seen them 'in the flesh'.
    Well done Seashell x

  2. Yes, Robin did a quick one knowing that there will be a professional one done by Curtin. I am going to find a venue to show it in Albany and talk about the work/process etc.

    I'm sorry you missed it too, and I that I missed your big night. Donald (Andrew's uncle) did seem to like my work - sometimes you never know if people are just being polite. Except I have to admit myself that the 3 big works did look pretty imposing. Such a strange feeling, I was/am kind of detached from the whole thing really. Sounds like a cliche, but feels as though someone else did them.

  3. Really great lighting too. Quite impressive.