Sunday, 11 May 2014

just as well I look good in a hat

This is page 46 of my thesis, which includes a photograph of The Gap by Mike Lyons - Albany dentist and amateur photographer.

I am having 3 'unofficial' copies of my thesis printed next week locally to make them available for people to read. One will go immediately to my Wise Old Rosicrucian Friend. I suspect only a couple of others will actually put their hands up for the task. Can't say I blame them, you have to have a very good  reason to read something like that.

The official versions of the 153 page document and other appropriate notifications will probably take a couple of months. Graduation is in early September and this is the regalia (and that is what it is officially called) I have to wear or else I'm not allowed to graduate. I don't usually like these types of ceremonies, especially when I am in the thick of it, but I confess I am really looking forward to it. And the nosh up afterwards.

Just as well I look good in a hat.


  1. I WANT one Michelle. For a start I'm a bit tired when it comes to reading long pieces online ... but I also just WANT one!
    That said, I'm quite happy to stand in line and if your copies run out, I will print one off myself. x

  2. Bugger! I should have got more printed, 2 are spoken for already but they will only be on loan. I was hoping to give one to Barb Temperton to read as she is pretty keen too. We'll work something out Sarah. I may get some more printed.