Monday, 11 August 2014

a lighter side of life

So this is what I am reduced to. Actually it was a really fun exercise and I learnt a fair bit about Illustrator. 
This is what I get to do for part 1 of my Illustrator assignment - make a vector from a drawing of my choice. Which means turning it into something like the panda. Yes, all quite trivial subjects - as one person said - 'not really you'. In my defence, not many people appreciate that although I am known for delving into the dark psycho-philosophical depths I am also whimsical and very eccentric. No doubt it won't last, but it is really enjoyable - even a relief - to be surfing and creating in the sun at the moment.


  1. I am enjoying the whimsical Michelle.

  2. So am I!
    But what is a vector?

  3. Basically making shapes like the panda image Sarah. In the digital world, vectors are used a lot in graphics for print because you can reduce and enlarge an image without losing quality. It's a bit technical - easier if I show you when you next visit.