Saturday, 9 May 2015

vale Joan Campbell

In the early hours of this morning my Wise Old Rosicrucian Friend, artist and spiritual mentor Joan May Cambell died. I am so sad - not for her, for myself - Joan was 85 and lived a rich and fruitful life. She became ill a few months ago and her passing was testament to the way she lived that life. Like her husband and fellow Rosicrucian Allan Campbell, she left without a fuss, as nature intended – the body had had enough and she went quietly. I spoke to her recently about how she had worn out her old body and needed a new one:

I’m sure I will be back - there is much work to do and this is where the work is.

I know I’ll see you again Joan - I will keep an eye out.

Yes, we recognised each other this time around didn’t we?

Yes, we did.

I saw Joan in the hospice 3 days before she died. She was drugged up and a bit vague, but still very keen to join in the conversation – about art of course. When I left I knew it was the last time I would see her – in this life anyway. I had a hell of a night, I couldn’t sleep and at some point had a waking vision of a black bird whose large wings fluttered around my head. I actually felt it and heard the rustling. I knew then that Joan was leaving soon.

There is too much to tell of Joan’s life here. In the months leading up to her illness I helped her a bit with her memoir – mainly to get it formatted to e-mail out. It tells the story in her own words far better than I could.

If I had to encapsulate what Joan gifted me it is this:

‘there is a virtue greater than Truth, which can be relative and even hurtful, and it is COMPASSION’. 

As a lover of truth above all else, I realised I had to change my thinking and I did. I will never forget this piece of wisdom and I will never forget Joan.


  1. A wonderful being. A true elder and so much knowledge. I didn't realise she was a rosicrucian, so few true ones left.

  2. So true Anne. Joan wasn't involved with the 'institution' of Rosicrucianism as such, but she still lived by its tenets. She certainly walked the talk. Her death was inspirational - so much more peaceful than so many deaths I see when people don't believe in anything after this life.