Thursday, 4 June 2015

another sphere


  1. Are these vectors or rasters?

    They're bloody well done if you're painting them by hand.

  2. This is raster - in Photoshop. So easy Alex. Just create a circle with the Marquee tool, grab a big soft brush, lower the opacity and off you go. You don't run over the edges because the Marquee tool will only allow you to shade in the circle - which becomes a sphere as you shade. The lowered opacity lets you build up the shading slowly. Do you want the link to the tutorial or is this enough detail?

    1. Thanks, but no, I get how it's done.

      I thought there was a chance you were doing these "freehand" (without a mask/marquee/clipping-patch/etc), and I found that possibility quite astonishing.

      It's still very nice shading work.