Friday, 3 January 2014

back to basics

If you follow my website blog or indulge in Facebook you will have seen these. This is what I have been playing around with in the studio lately (among other things) - Artisan (water soluble oils) - Paynes Gray, Titanium white, a couple of palette knives and some cardboard.

I'm also doing something hybrid (digital combined with real materials) for PIAF this year with the MIX group of artists, and contemplating the Mandorla prize because I have wanted to enter it for decades and this year's theme suits me perfectly (more on that later. If you can't wait for me to blog about it, click on the link).

The first work has been done on panels cut from a very solid waxy cardboard box, the second on black card. A quick coat of gesso and I'm into it. It's liberating not having to paint for something, or worry about whether it's archival quality. I've let go of that idea now, because I can always make anything that works into prints and they can be archival if they need to be.

image 1: The Hangman (after watching the classic film 'Anne of a Thousand Days')
image 2: Floating Cube (original name, eh?)


  1. I do love Paynes Grey. It's like he can't decide what he wants to be..."Am I grey, am I blue, maybe I'm red?"

  2. You can make your own Payne's Gray of course, but I'm lazy :)