Saturday, 25 January 2014

examiner's reports

The verdict about my thesis from both examiners is that it will pass with 'Minor amendments', which means: 'minor textual and/or structural amendments are required'. The examiners provided detailed reports (one was 7 pages long) with page numbers so it shouldn't be too difficult to work my way through the document (again!)

There are 5 possible outcomes, from 'No amendments' to 'Fail', so this is a good outcome. Even so, the list of changes is a bit daunting. I suspect it will look more manageable once I have gone through them one at a time.

The general feedback was very positive. Both examiners enjoyed the artwork and the written exegesis. One concluded: 'Overall I felt that it was a successful show which achieved the qualities of the terror of the sublime'. The same examiner also commented on the section entitled 'The Gap': 'In this section the writing of Michelle races - it sparkles!'

The second examiner said: 'Thank you for a very interesting and challenging thesis. The interweaving of imaginal psychology with art practice positioned at the dramatic and huntingly beautiful location of the Gap...., gives rise to an inspiring argument'.

There are suggestions to delete ideas that have not been argued fully which is fine because the overall argument will still prevail. There are also comments about 'generalisations', but mainly I will simply have to delete or briefly substantiate some of my claims.

Unfortunately my supervisor has gone on holidays for 3 weeks, and I will need her help to tease out which changes I should make, which I should argue against - there is at least one instance where I will be doing that.

But it certainly is a relief to know I am nearly there.


  1. You are so very fucking cool Michelle. x

  2. Congratulations, Michelle - I think some amendments are to be expected and by their comments it sounds like your examiners' were really moved by your work. Super!