Friday, 11 September 2015

skater boy update

Experimenting with my shading. I bit hesitant at the moment but I reckon I will get better. I've been trying to teach myself this style of drawing for a while - it's quite different to my usual 'chiaroscuro' with the 3D emphasis on shading.

I will be working on the background for this next. Always so much to learn. Brilliant.


  1. Ah, nice. This is what I basically think of as anime style shading, since it's become rarer to see it in comic-books these days.

    Also, a quick question: Did you get Manga Studio or Manga Studio EX.

  2. Thanks Alex. Yes I like to have a clear distinction between styles. I will do the 3D style for other work, but for this I want to stick to what I think of as classic 'comic' shading. Learning this style will work for graphic design as well. I will post one of my more 'painterly' digital works in progress here soon to show you the difference.

    I thought I had bought Manga Studio but turns out it was Anime - which is animation and I am not interested in doing that at this stage. So I've just been checking the promo vidoes for MS 5 - it's much cheaper than the upgraded Ex and all I will need at this stage. $70 AU - damn, should have bought it earlier when the dollar was higher. I guess I should get it asap before the American dollar goes up and ours goes down even further.

    It looks pretty easy to use and very similar to Photoshop so I may start my 'learning how to use Manga Studio project' a bit earlier than I had intended.