Saturday, 19 September 2015

getting happier

I've decided I like this better without the outlines in the background. I love the ease with which you can apply tones in Manga Studio and I am having fun learning how to use them.

There is a precedent for this style of course (isn't there always?). I was watching Pokemon today (not much on TV at that time of the morning while I'm having a cuppa) and noticed this is how they do it. The characters have outlines and the backgrounds don't. Although my style of drawing is quite different and limited to black and white, for this one at least.

I'm finding it quite addictive.


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  2. To my eye, the background has a little bit of a "rendered 3D" look about it now.

    If you look at older-style hand-drawn animation (which I assume Pokémon still is), you'll notice that usually the backgrounds are static (and sometimes quite beautiful and detailed) paintings. The animated "cells", which have black outlines and simplistic colouring, are done on layers which sit over the top. It tends to make the foreground "pop" out of the background. I really like the effect (when used in animation, anyway. I can't think where I've seen it used for static images).

    Most modern 2D animation is done entirely with vectors now. And of course, more and more of it is cheap 3D (sculpt once, use again & again).

  3. Thanks for the feedback and info Alex.

    I'm still working on a style for this type of work and feel I am getting closer.